6. Warm up Standard 1812

Included in match. 0.00% scoring completed

12 rounds

#Paper: 2
#Poppers: 0
#Plates: 0
#No-Shoot: 1
Total targets: 2

Scenario & Procedure: Start Position: Standing at SP gun downloaded to 6 rounds and holstered. Procedure: On the signal engage T1-T2 with 3 rounds to each body and 3 rounds to each head. Targets may be engaged either T1 and then T2 or 3 to body on T1 and T2 followed by 3 to each head T1 and T2. Shooters choice.
Start position: Gun loaded & holstered
Start on: Audible signal
Stop on: Last shot
Penalties: As per current edition of rules
Safety angles: L/R

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