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#. First Last Club DIV REG CAT CLS
10 Idar Olsen NVS Open NOR - U
11 Joacim Moen Volle NVS Open NOR - U
1 Marius Breivik NVS Open NOR - U
2 Are Skotnes KDS Open NOR - U
12 Asle K Ellingsgård KDS Open NOR - U
3 Gert Are Hildrestrand NVS Open NOR - U
4 Bjørn-Tore Øvstedal NVS Open NOR - U
13 Kjetil Bergflødt NOP Open NOR - U
5 Tore Fiborg Agdenes pk Open NOR S U
14 Sindre Kallmyr KDS Open NOR - U
6 Anita Larsen TFS Open NOR L U
7 Ståle Eilertsen KDS Open NOR - U
8 Olaf Isaksen KDS Open NOR S U
9 Henning Lundberg NVS Open NOR - U

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