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#. First Last Club DIV REG CAT CLS
34 Andreas Karlsson Nybro Open SWE - U
35 Jessica Karlsson Nybro Open SWE L U
20 Patric Lindgren Kpif Open SWE - U
17 Erik Johansson ESKF Open SWE - U
5 Nicklas Blom KPIF Open SWE - U
6 Jimmy Jacobsson ESKF Standard SWE - U
14 Örjan Hvass KPIF Open SWE - U
2 Thomas Danielsson KPIF Open SWE - U
36 Mathias Nilsson KPIF Open SWE - U
13 Stefan Knutsson Kpif Open SWE - U
1 Bengt Petersson KPIF Open SWE S U
37 Örjan Tollbom ESKF Open SWE SS U
21 Martina Cullin KPIF Open SWE L U
19 Ludvig Cullin Lindgren KPIF Open SWE J U
15 Max Karlsson Nybro PK Open SWE J U
11 Mikael Johansson FöUtb Open SWE - U
12 Elisabeth Ekströmer Stockholms försvarsutbildares skf Open SWE L U
16 Rolf Albers KPIF Open SWE - U
10 Pelle Jacobsson ESKF Open SWE S U
38 Oscar Fungmark KPIF Open SWE - U
9 Marcus Kask Kpif Open SWE - U
22 Ronny Olander ESKF Open SWE S U
25 Paul Wood LSC Open SWE - U
28 Viktor NotKnown Växjö PK Open SWE - U
29 Martin Petersson KPIF Open SWE - U
23 Daniel Johansson KPIF Open SWE - U
24 Pontus Johansson Kullens pk Open SWE - U
27 Benny Wångelid KPIF Open SWE - U
26 Anders Magnevall Kpif Open SWE - U
33 Niclas Seydlitz Nybro PK Open SWE - U
30 Jörgen Björk IPSC Växjö Open SWE - U
31 Johan Torslén KPIF Open SWE - U
32 Melker Torslén KPIF Open SWE J U

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