Reach your customers and your market directly

You can select and target your ads just for your market; choose a complete region e.g. North America, some selected countries e.g. Sweden and Norway or some selected US states e.g. only Texas and Georgia or combination of all. Your ad will be shown with matches and events only in these markets. order here »

Reach shooters when they plan and prepare

By advertising wihtin SSI you will be visible when a shooter is preparing and planning for a match. Your ad will be displayed randomly among events that match only your selected market. Your ad will also be shown for all events that are completed when shooters are checking their results. order here »

Cost effective way to drive traffic to your site

When you advertise with SSI you will be able to show an image and a link that will open a new web browser window whenever the image is clicked upon. This will be an extremely cost effective way for you to get traffic to your site and you can create a targeted landing page just for this traffic. If you need help or ideas here, just ask us and we will help you. order here »

Support sport shooters world wide

SSI is free for all shooters, clubs and match organizers and is approved for official usage and plan to add support for additional shooting sports as much as time and funding allows us. By advertising with SSI you help us make all this possible and support sport shooters all over the world. order here »

Getting started

To get the full details on advertising with SSI and how you provide us your banner/links, image formats (300x300 px, jpg/png/...), pricing, regions etc. Download and open Order Form below, fill it out and email to us at: Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or ideas regarding this.

Get the complete details on how to advertise with SSI including order form return

Show own ads within your event

If your are the organizer of an event and would like to make your sponsors visible then all you need to do is upgrade your event to a 'premium event' and you will be in complete control of all banners that are shown. You can then upload banners and web links for the event and all stages and much more.