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We appologize for asking you to spend money on anything but ammo, but you will really like this! The Premium fee is 29 USD | 199 SEK | 19 EUR per year.

Armoury and Premium-shooter subscription gives you all this

Keep track of your firarms and sights

You can manage and keep track of your firearms, sights. All this and an advanced shooting and activity log where you can enter your training, usage, cleaning and more. When you add these log entries, the rounds fired and type ammunition will be automatically added for your firearms and different ammunitions.

Allow friends to see and share handloads, training and firearms usage with you

You can invite friends and if they accept then you can share handload recipes, trainings statistics and much more with each other. You are always in full control of your information and can cancel or unfriend this relation at any time and this is then enforced immediately.

Shooting log-book

Track your activity, shooting, competitions, handloading and more. You can share this with your club or friends. Allows for you to download reports for over selected time-periods (and can select what details to be included in report).

Easy to associate firearms with training and also associate your training with any club you are member of.

Manage ammunition and handloads, training and more

Store your handloading recipes and ammunition in one simple place. Combine with firearms to show where/when rounds fired and type ammunition. Also easy to share this info with selected friends.

Get alerts when events are create or updated

Create up to 10 active rules and be notified whenever an event of the correct sport, level, region/state etc. becomes available or updates its details. The alert send to you will contain information about when the event starts and when registration opens and relevant links as well as pre-set calendar entries (iCal files) that you can add to your calendar. So if you never want to miss or be late with registering for an upcoming event - this is for you.

Free from annoying Ads

We are 110% focused on developing the best service possible for you - and this is completely free from annoying ads.

Auto-magically track competitions

Whenever you compete you will auto-magically get log entries created when the event is completed (including number of rounds fired and more). This makes it really easy for you to also associate firearms and analyze results.

All prices above are including VAT (if applicable) and in the stated currency. Your purchase will be with Two Story Software AB, the company that is developing and operating Shoot'n Score It. Once the purchase is complete you will be redirected back here and can add/edit your rules. This subscription will be automatically renewed and if you wish to cancel it you can do this at any time from PayPal.

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