PRODUCTION OPTICS results in CPS Minimatch 3.1

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First name Last name DIV CAT REG CLS ICS Club
1 100.00 569.9894 David K. Grainger Production Optics- - DNK U grainger SSIN
2 99.41 566.6264 Selcuk Kahraman Production Optics- - DNK U selo CPS/Ri98/ks
3 78.43 447.0439 Hans J Holbek Production Optics- S DNK U tank KjĂžbenhavns Skytteforening/ CPS
4 77.55 442.0451 Kenneth Lagoni Olsen Production Optics- - DNK U lagoni SKL/SSIN
5 75.50 430.3193 kim poulsen Production Optics- S DNK U Fredriksberg skyttelaug
6 73.98 421.6806 Dennis Martlev Production Optics- S DNK U smartlev SSIN
7 71.21 405.9088 Khaled Abdulkarim Production Optics- - DNK U KS
8 64.91 369.9776 Kenneth Svendsgaard Production Optics- - DNK U Cps/Ssin
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