First name Last name DIV CAT REG CLS ICS Club
1 100.00 616.0199 Joel Cohen Open+ SS ZAF A Golden City
2 95.72 589.6507 Carlo Belletti Open+ SS ZAF U Goldencity
3 74.85 461.0776 cHris Marais Open+ SS ZAF B Goldencity
4 65.33 402.4524 Niko Min Open+ SS ZAF U Golden City
5 64.81 399.2500 Keith Christopher Askham Open+ SS ZAF U jetjungle Golden City
6 57.13 351.9520 Bardev Rowjee Open- SS ZAF C Golden City Shooting Club
7 43.64 268.8191 Gavin Warburton Open- SS ZAF U Golden City
8 28.00 172.5039 Gideon Jouber Open+ SS ZAF U Golden City
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