OPEN SENIOR results in NM Two Gun 2015 scoringpage

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First name Last name DIV CAT REG CLS ICS Club
1 100.00 766.9110 Erlend Berg Open S NOR U erl1 TFS
2 97.93 751.0461 Tore Fiborg Open S NOR U minfoglio Agdenes pk
3 92.60 710.1957 Rune Vikeby Open S NOR U fastwheel SSL
4 81.24 623.0406 Dag Flodin Open S NOR U orion SPK
5 79.12 606.8142 Per Vangsnes Open S NOR U perv SSL
6 77.99 598.1191 Folke Myrvang Open S NOR U folkem NOP
7 77.65 595.4978 Roy Østen Henriksen Open S NOR U ruadh Vikane Skydeselskap
8 73.32 562.3196 Morten Klov Open S NOR U morten SSL
9 57.95 444.4356 Bjørn Rollheim Open S NOR U bas NOP
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