PRODUCTION SENIOR results in CPS Cup 2018 6 afd.

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Open Standard Production Revolver Classic Production Optics Standard Senior Production Senior Combined
#. First name Last name DIV CAT REG CLS ICS Club
1 100.00 272.4525 62 Dan Bang Reuter Production- S DNK U Copenhagen practical shooters
2 99.39 270.8037 86 Steen Bagger Production- S DNK U Hørsholm Pistolforening /SSIN
3 99.34 270.6580 56 Martin Sturup Production- S DNK U CPS&BVS
4 98.23 267.6421 31 kim Frederiksen Production- SS DNK U CPS & HSI
5 96.59 263.1689 24 Peter Andersen Production- S DNK U CPS
6 91.53 249.3843 47 Niels Eriksen Production- S DNK U Ballerup
7 67.63 184.2591 9 Anders Christian Hansen Production- S DNK U Slagelse Skytteforening

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