SEMI-AUTO STANDARD SENIOR results in Coldfox NM Rifle 2018

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First name Last name DIV CAT REG CLS ICS Club
1 100.00 689.0215 Odd Strengenes Semi-Auto Standard- S NOR GM oddman HPS
2 91.27 628.8852 Sverre Idland Semi-Auto Standard- S NOR U Stavanger SSL
3 85.83 591.3882 Lars Selven Semi-Auto Standard- S NOR U lsel Agdenes PistolKlubb
4 85.79 591.1425 Kjetil Sletsj√łe Svendsen Semi-Auto Standard- S NOR A mcready SSL
5 64.63 445.2963 Johan Olav Strand Semi-Auto Standard- S NOR U mrbeach Agdenes Pistolklubb
6 57.32 394.9536 Runar Staveli Semi-Auto Standard+ S NOR U runars OFS (Oslo Feltskyttere)
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