The home of sport shooting online, making sport shooting competitions and training easy and fun.
Supports IPSC, USPSA, IDPA, SRA, Steel Challenge, TTS, PPC and much more. Online and offline scoring supported.
Want to be notifed of upcoming matches, log results & training, firearms, handloads, ammo and track your rating? Share things with friends and much more?
Free usage, option to upgrade for lots of great premium features for club, competition or as shooter

Fun for you as shooter

Keep track of your firarms and sights

You can manage and keep track of your firearms, sights. All this and an advanced shooting and activity log where you can enter your training, usage, cleaning and more. When you add these log entries, the rounds fired and type ammunition will be automatically added for your firearms and different ammunitions.

Allow friends to see and share handloads, training and firearms usage with you

You can invite friends and if they accept then you can share handload recipes, trainings statistics and much more with each other. You are always in full control of your information and can cancel or unfriend this relation at any time and this is then enforced immediately.

Online registration

Easy to register yourself with correct details online. You can always see the status of your registration.

Choose squad

Once you have registered you can choose squad. This makes it easy for you and your friends to make sure you can shoot together.

View score and stats

During a match you can view your score and verify them online, afterwards you can view and compare statistics that will help you improve.

Manage ammunition and handloads, training and more

Store your handloading recipes and ammunition in one simple place. Combine with firearms to show where/when rounds fired and type ammunition. Also easy to share this info with selected friends.

Free from annoying Ads

We are 110% focused on developing the best service possible for you - and this is completely free from annoying ads.

GDPR compliant and secure

Choose among several levels of visibility of your personal details. No pages with personal information will be indexed and available in search engines. SSI is fully GDPR compliant.

Get alerts when events are create or updated

Create up to 10 active rules and be notified whenever an event of the correct sport, level, region/state etc. becomes available or updates its details. The alert send to you will contain information about when the event starts and when registration opens and relevant links as well as pre-set calendar entries (iCal files) that you can add to your calendar. So if you never want to miss or be late with registering for an upcoming event - this is for you.

Shooting log-book

Track your activity, shooting, competitions, handloading and more. You can share this with your club or friends. Allows for you to download reports for over selected time-periods (and can select what details to be included in report).

Easy to associate firearms with training and also associate your training with any club you are member of.

Auto-magically track competitions

Whenever you compete you will auto-magically get log entries created when the event is completed (including number of rounds fired and more). This makes it really easy for you to also associate firearms and analyze results.

Can I just start using all this?

You can compete in matches and series all for free and register an account with SSI. If you wish to use Armoury features (firearms, handloads etc.), use the friend-features to share and interact with other shooter and also set up to get alerts for matches, then you need to get Premium Shooter

Annual Premium Shooter fee: 249 SEK/NOK/DKK or 25 EUR/USD

Making life easy when running matches

Arrange matches

Free and easy to arrange matches. From club to nationals - SSI is proven to handle it all. From registrations, payments to results and squadding. All done online.

Officially approved

Approved by USPSA (L1/2), IDPA, SASS, CAS, WA1500/PPC, ICORE, NSSF, and IPSC (regionally) for official match usage.

Cups and Tournaments

Easy to arrange Cups, Series and Tournament by combining several matches.

Online registration

Create your match and then have shooters register themselves with correct details online. Support for various methods of approval.

Scoring and results online

You enter scores directly online. If needed you can divide this work over others for really large matches. Results are generated directly online. Support for several modes of showing the results.

Squads & pre-match

Define how many squads and their sizes etc. Competitors can then themselves choose squads. Easy to also do a pre-match and include/exclude in results.

Generate scoresheets

Easy to download pre-filled (name, number, squad) scoresheets as pdf and use during the match.

Follow applicable data rules

With SSI you as organizer is immediately compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in EU & CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) regarding personal data within the event or club.

Match shop

You can create a match shop and allow competitors to order e.g. lunch tickets, merchandize etc. This also allows you to handle registration fees.

Lots and lots of reports

Easy to download lots of useful reports in pdf, xls or csv. E.g. competitor lists, results list, verification lists, equipment sheets etc.

Use from anywhere

You can access and work with your match from anywhere. Just log in and all your events can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Much more

There are lots of more helpful feature - and if you have ideas we usually can implement stuff within 1-2 weeks as needed.

How do I get all these features?

All Event Features are free (create a match, handle competitors, scoring and results) with the exception if you wish to handle payments online and upload sponsor logos etc. This allows you to handle orders and fees online and allow shooters to pay using credit card, Swish, VIPPS, Mobile Pay or PayPal (orders are automatically marked as paid and more). You provide IBAN/BIC and then SSI forward payments to you monthly (minus some transaction fees).

For these features you need to make the match or series a Premium Event. You can initiate and use all its feature and then prior to completing the result pay the last outstanding part of the Premium Event Fee

The Premium Event fee is one registration-fee per 75 competitors (min start fee 100 SEK/NOK/DKK or 10 EUR/USD). For example for an event of 210 competitors with a start fee of 50 EUR the Premium Fee is §40 EUR (=50*210/75)

Get your club online

Track training

Easy to track training for club members and competitions. Lots of report formats for this. Club admin can verify training and more.

Manage members

Manage club members, easy to send email to them, download lots of report formats, track competition results and much more.

Free from annoying Ads

We are 110% focused on developing the best service possible for you - and this is completely free from annoying ads.

Club shop

Easy to set up club shop for e.g. club membership fees, club merchandize etc. online. Easy to integrate with paying online

Paying made easy

We can process payments for you in EUR/USD/SEK/NOK/DKK, Shooters can pay with credit card, Swish, VIPPS or Mobile Pay, orders will be marked as paid and we will forward payments to you monthly (IBAN/BIC). All with easy access to receipts for bookkeeping and more.

Compliant with GDPR & CCPA

All personal data is handled under EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) & CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). SSI is Data Processer for you and your club. You and your club is compliant with zero effort. Of course easy to restrict visibility to details and more.

Share the work

Set up so multiple members can manage your club and members, assign different roles and easy to change as needed. Also possible to integrate with your twitter and facebook account

Free Premium Matches

You can run matches and series with access to Premium Event features for free (max 50 participants and of these not more then 10 non-club members).

Event calendar

Easy to show events you arrange from one place, makes it easy for club members to find your matches.

How do I get all these features?

All Club Features are free while <6 members in your club. For more members and more features you can upgrade to Premium Club and we are certain that you will save tons of time and make life easy for you and your members

Matches and Series associated with your club have free premium features within the following limitations; max 50 competitors (and at most 10 can be outside your club) and registration-fee of max 100 SEK/NOK/DKK or 10 EUR/USD. Matches outside are charged for Premium Event as normal allowing us to cover transaction fees.

Annual Premium Club fee: 599 SEK/NOK/DKK or 59 EUR/USD