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The home of sport shooting online, making sport shooting competition and training easy and fun.

Lots of advanced features for you as shooter

Create your own match

Fun for you as shooter

Easy to find matches and register. You can view and share your new and old results. Keep track of your firearms, loads, usage and share with friends.

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Keep track of firearms, sights

Log rounds fired with firearms, sights used, details on how sights are zeroed.

Record ammunition and handloads

Store detailed handload recipes, add chronograph and accuracy shooting records with each batch and much more.

Share with friends in safe and secure way

Share handloads, training results and exercise with only-friends, fun and challenging.

Online registration

Easy to register yourself with correct details online. You can always see the status of your registration.

Choose squad

Once you have registered you can choose squad. This makes it easy for you and your friends to make sure you can shoot together.

View your score

During a match you can view your score and verify them online.


It is completely free for you as shooter to use SSI. No hidden costs or fees or similar.

Use from anywhere

You see your results, ongoing matches and registration and search for matches etc. at all time using just a web browser.


You can choose among several levels of visibility for your personal details and choose the one that you are comfortable with. No pages with personal information will be indexed and available in search engines.

Making life easy for the organizer

With SSI you can run lots and lots of different sport shooting matches. It makes life so much easier and reduces the time you spend on administration and gives you time to do what is fun - arrange great events

Online registration

Create your match and then have shooters register themselves with correct details online. Support for various methods of approval.

Scoring online

You enter scores directly online. If needed you can divide this work over others for really large matches.

Squads & pre-match

Define how many squads and their sizes etc. Competitors can then themselves choose squads. Easy to also do a pre-match and include/exclude in results.

Generate scoresheets

Easy to download pre-filled (name, number, squad) scoresheets as pdf and use during the match.

Online Results

Results are generated directly online. Support for several modes of showing the results.

Match shop

You can create a match shop and allow competitors to order e.g. lunch tickets, merchandize etc. This also allows you to handle registration fees.

Lots and lots of reports

Easy to download lots of useful reports in pdf, xls or csv. E.g. competitor lists, results list, verification lists, equipment sheets etc.

Use from anywhere

You can access and work with you match from anywhere. Just log in and all your events can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Much more

There are lots of more helpful feature - and if you have ideas we usually can implement stuff within 1-2 weeks as needed.