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Open, Standard
Event (completed) starts Aug. 15, 2020, 8 a.m. and ends Aug. 16, 2020, 5 p.m.
Minimum 169 rounds. Region: Estonia
Max 70 competitors in main-match, currently 48 registered (48 approved, 0 pending) and 0 on waiting list.
Max 50 competitors in pre-match, currently 39 registered (39 approved, 0 pending) and 0 on waiting list.
Registration will open July 6, 2020, 1 a.m. (CDT)
Squadding opens for approved competitors on Aug. 10, 2020, 5 a.m., and closes Aug. 13, 2020, 4 p.m..
Results and scores are shown to anyone.
Information visibility is restricted, searchable but details/names only competitors.
Detailed information

SRA Eesti Meistrivõistlused toimuvad Kaitseliidu Männiku lasketiirus. Osavõtumaks on 40 eurot. Üle saab kanda Eesti Reservväelaste Tartu Laskespordiklubi arveldusarvele EE187700771000824146. Võistkonnas saab olla neli liiget, kellest kolme parema tulemus läheb arvesse. Võistkonna registreerimise eest lisatasu ei ole.
SRA Estonian Championship will be held at "Kaitseliidu Männiku Lasketiir" shooting range. Starting fee is 40 euros and can be translated to Eesti Reservväelaste Tartu Laskespordiklubi IBAN: EE187700771000824146
There may be max 4 members in team, best 3 results will be counted. Teams registration is free.