7. Stage 7
Targets & rounds
Short course, Comstock
Rounds: 10
Max points: 50
Match percent: 4.61%
Paper: 5
Poppers: 0
Plates: 0
No-Shoot: 0
Total targets: 5
Details & image
Procedure: On signal, engage all targets.
Starting position: Standing erect, anywhere in the designated area, with the firearm in the ready condition, held in both hands, stock touching the competitor at hip level, barrel parallel to the ground, trigger guard downwards, muzzle pointing downrange with the fingers outside the trigger guard.
Firearm ready condition: Loaded - Option 2
Start on: Audible signal
Stop on: Last shot
Penalties: As per current edition of rules
Safety angles: L/R
Included in match
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Currently no scores can be shown for this stage

Setup notes: