First name Last name DIV CAT REG CLS ICS Club
1 100.00 1038.3837 Tina Oskarsson Production- L SWE U xena IPSC Kristianstad
2 90.97 944.5732 Cecilia Lindberg Production- L SWE U chitchi GPIF
3 85.37 886.4212 Ann Harding Production- L SWE U bbb Sthlm M & P
4 71.53 742.7581 Malin Gustavsson Production- L SWE U GDS
5 50.26 521.8450 Frida Holmkvist Production- L SWE U kakan Stockholms försvarsutbildares skytteförening
6 45.12 468.4705 Laura Irwin Rossing Production- L DNK U OPSF
7 30.09 312.4653 Cristin Karlsson Production- L SWE U Oxelösunds Dynamiska Skyttar
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