Manage you club or shooting organization easy and efficient

Track training

Easy to track training for club members and competitions. Lots of report formats for this. Club admin can verify training and more.

Manage members

Manage club members, easy to send email to them, download lots of report formats, track competition results and much more.

Free from annoying Ads

We are 110% focused on developing the best service possible for you - and this is completely free from annoying ads.

Club shop

Easy to set up club shop for e.g. club membership fees, club merchandize etc. online. Easy to integrate with paying online

Paying made easy

We can process payments for you in EUR/USD/SEK/NOK/DKK, Shooters can pay with credit card, Swish, VIPPS or Mobile Pay, orders will be marked as paid and we will forward payments to you monthly (IBAN/BIC). All with easy access to receipts for bookkeeping and more.

Compliant with GDPR & CCPA

All personal data is handled under EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) & CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). SSI is Data Processer for you and your club. You and your club is compliant with zero effort. Of course easy to restrict visibility to details and more.

Share the work

Set up so multiple members can manage your club and members, assign different roles and easy to change as needed. Also possible to integrate with your twitter and facebook account

Free Premium Matches

You can run matches and series with access to Premium Event features for free (max 50 participants and of these not more then 10 non-club members).

Event calendar

Easy to show events you arrange from one place, makes it easy for club members to find your matches.

How do I get all these features?

All Club Features are free while <6 members in your club. For more members and more features you can upgrade to Premium Club and we are certain that you will save tons of time and make life easy for you and your members

Matches and Series associated with your club have free premium features within the following limitations; max 50 competitors (and at most 10 can be outside your club) and registration-fee of max 100 SEK/NOK/DKK or 10 EUR/USD. Matches outside are charged for Premium Event as normal allowing us to cover transaction fees.

Annual Premium Club fee: 599 SEK/NOK/DKK or 59 EUR/USD