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Tactical Training Shooting Match

Create your TTS Match (SRA rules allowing for Helfigur 2020 etc.) as used within Swedish Armed Forces. All shooters are anonymous (no registration possible) but admin/scoring is as for any match.

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Sivil Pistol

Create your Sivil Pistol match, all according to divisions and rules by the Dynamical Sportshooters Association of Norway, DSSN (

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National Target Shotgun match

Create your Target Shotgun match, all according to divisions and more by the National Target Shotgun Association, NTSA (

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4-Gun Tactical Match

Create your 4-Gun Tactical Match under Finnish Gunsmiths-association rules. For more details see website at

create 4-Gun Tactical Match »

Once you have created your match, you can allow shooters to self-registers online and choose their squads etc. Upgrade to Premium event to be able to handle match shop and payments online. This saves lots and lots of time for large events

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