Create your 3-Gun (according to 3-Gun Nation rules,

3-Gun Match

Create your 3-Gun match, all under latest rules.

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3-Gun League

Create your 3-Gun League. A League consists of two or more component IPSC matches of same firearms. The competitors result will be the accumulated points of all component match result. You can create new IPSC matches or include existing matches.

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3-Gun Cup

Create your 3-Gun Cup. A Cup consists of two or more component 3-Gun matches. The competitors Cup result will be the best #n (for example best 3 results out of all matches) points of all component match result in selected division. You can create new 3-Gun matches or include existing matches to the Cup. You can select the number of matches to include in the result

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Once you have created your match, you can allow shooters to self-registers online and choose their squads etc.

Upgrade to Premium event to be able to handle match shop and payments online using PayPal or Swish. This saves lots and lots of time for large events