STANDARD LADY results for 17. Stage 17 - Bane Afsnit A0

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Open Standard Production Revolver Classic Production Optics Production Optics Light Production Lady Production Super Junior Production Junior Production Senior Production Super Senior Production Optics Lady Production Optics Senior Production Optics Light Senior Open Lady Open Senior Open Super Senior Classic Lady Revolver Senior Standard Lady Standard Senior Standard Super Senior Combined
PTS TIME First name Last name DIV CAT Club
1 100.00 53.0219 3.6554 56 15.32 Sissal Skaale Standard+ L view
2 67.85 35.9741 2.4801 56 22.58 Wiktoria Szymaniak Standard- L view
3 44.41 23.5459 1.6233 48 29.57 Aida Sabanovic Standard- L view
None disqualified for this division/category
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