1. Get to the Point
Targets & rounds
Rounds: 9
Max points: 100
Match percent: 12.50%
Paper: 0
Poppers: 0
Plates: 9
No-Shoot: 0
Total targets: 9
Details & image
Procedure: Pistol and all Magazines to be used will be placed on the table on the indicated areas. RO will Start the Timer. On Audible signal engage all Targets from the seated position, Freestyle in any order finishing with the Red Stop Plate. No targets may be Re engaged after the Stop Plate is successfully engaged. All Plates must fall. +5 seconds for each plate still Standing.
Start position: Seated behind Table hands on knees
Firearm ready condition: Condition 3
Start on: Audible Signal
Stop on: Stop Plate
Penalties: As per current edition of rules
Safety angles: L/R/V 90/90/90
Included in match
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Setup notes: