7. Stage 7 El Pres (Sort of)
Targets & rounds
Rounds: 17
Max points: 100
Match percent: 12.50%
Paper: 0
Poppers: 8
Plates: 9
No-Shoot: 0
Total targets: 17
Details & image
Procedure: Start Position Facing Up Range in either Box A or B Pistol Holstered in condition 1 Hands in surrender position Palms FORWARD thumbs touching ears. RO will start the shooter with commands 'Are you ready'...Stand by' then activate the timer. Shooter will stop the timer at the end of the stage. Turn and Engage all Orange Targets freestyle in any order Perform a Mandatory reload before engaging remaining Poppers.You may reload to engage orange Targets if neccessary BUT you must then Perform the mandatory Magazine change before engaging Poppers. Once a popper has been engaged you MAY NOT re engage orrange plates. Finally SHOOTER to activate Stop Button. No targets may be re engaged once Timer is stopped.
Start position: Gun loaded & holstered facing Uprange
Firearm ready condition: Condition 1
Start on: Audible signal
Stop on: Stop Button
Penalties: As per current edition of rules
Safety angles: L/R//V 90/90/90
Included in match
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