5. Stage 5 Pistol Short Course
Targets & rounds
Rounds: 11
Max points: 100
Match percent: 12.50%
Paper: 0
Poppers: 0
Plates: 0
No-Shoot: 0
Total targets: 0
Details & image
Procedure: Start Position Pistol Holstered Condition 1 Facing Down Range behind Table both feet on the Floor Markings On the command/s Are you Ready? StandBy RO will activate the Timer. Engage all Targets from within shooting Box A with both feet touching the ground Finishing on the Stop Plate. You may not touch or use any Part of the Barricades for support.
Start position: Behind Table
Firearm ready condition: Condition 1
Start on: Audible signal
Stop on: Stop Plate
Penalties: As per current edition of rules
Safety angles: L/R/V 90/90/90
Included in match
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Setup notes: