8. Stage 8 Rifle and Pistol Long Stage
Targets & rounds
Rounds: 24
Max points: 100
Match percent: 12.50%
Paper: 0
Poppers: 8
Plates: 16
No-Shoot: 0
Total targets: 24
Details & image
Procedure: Pistol Holstered Condition 1 Rifle on table Condition 1 muzzle Pointing directly down range RO will start the shooter. Shooter will stop the timer at the end of the stage. Pull Cord to Activate Bobber. Bobber must fall BEFORE engaging all remaining Orange Pistol Targets Freestlye in any order from within the shooting Box chosen at the start. Ground Pistol In dump Box on table. Transition to Rifle and engage Poppers from Box 'A' or 'B' Before Moving down Range either Left or Right going around the Cones. Note: You MUST stay within the confines of the blue Court area. You must perform a Magazine change before engaging all remaining Targets free style as they become Visible within the court area. You may not cross Charge or Boundary lines. Finally Ground Rifle in dump Barrel and return around Cones either right or Left to table activate the Stop Button.
Start position: Facing Down range in in either Box 'A' or 'B'
Firearm ready condition: Pistol Holstered Condition 1
Start on: Stop Button
Stop on: Last shot
Penalties: As per current edition of rules
Safety angles: L/R
Included in match
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